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UK Bus & Coach Financing

Keep your business moving with our specialist bus and coach finance options. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts are here to help you choose the best finance option for your bus and coach business. We’ll help you expand your business at a cost you can afford.

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what bus and coach finance options do we offer?

We provide a range of bus and coach finance options to suit a variety of business types and sizes with rates as low as 1.8%.

Bus & Coach Hire Purchase

Hire purchase gives you a fixed monthly payment so you can budget more easily. You won’t have to deal with any mileage restrictions, which makes this option perfect if you know your new vehicle will be travelling long distances. As with all hire purchase deals, by the end of your term your company will own the bus or coach, providing you with a valuable asset.

Bus & Coach Lease Purchase

Lease purchase can provide a flexible financing arrangement with the option of choosing to purchase the bus or coach at the end of your agreement. It’s a great option if you want to regularly update your vehicles or if you are uncertain about the long-term need for a bus or coach in your business.

Bus & Coach Refinancing

Refinancing works by giving you access to the money you’ve already spent on your bus or coach fleet. By using your vehicle or vehicles as security, you can borrow money to fund other activities and increase your cash flow. Your repayments will be set at a fixed monthly rate making it easy for you to manage your budget.

Bus & Coach Vehicle Sourcing

Looking for a great deal on a new or used bus or coach? We can help you source bus or coaches to your exact specification, helping take yet another thing off your mind. We use a trusted dealer network and can source a full range of buses and coaches including minibuses, electric coaches and buses and double deckers.

Finding you the best rate for bus and coach finance

Don’t waste time shopping around, give us a call and let us help you finance your next bus or coach purchase. We work with a network of trusted lenders to find you the best deal for your specific circumstances. With a wide range of lenders we will be able to help you find a finance deal that gives you the best rate on the best terms.