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Construction FINANCE

Get the money you need to meet deadlines and budget with our specialist construction asset finance options. Our team of experts will help you choose the best deal for your construction business, with money in your account in as little as 24 hours.

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what construction finance options do we offer?

We provide a range of construction finance options to suit a full range of businesses operating in the construction sector with rates as low as 1.8%.

Construction Hire Purchase

Hire purchase gives you a fixed monthly payment helping you budget more easily. It’s ideal for vehicles and machinery that would otherwise be too expensive to buy outright. As with all hire purchase deals, by the end of your term your company will own the vehicle or machinery, leaving you with a valuable asset in your construction business.

Construction Lease Purchase

Lease purchasing gives you a flexible finance deal with the option of buying the asset at the end of your term. It’s ideal for funding equipment that’s needed for a specific contract or if you want to regularly update your vehicles or machinery. With set regular payments and minimal costs upfront, a lease purchase deal can make it easy to handle your cashflow.

Construction Refinancing Deals

Refinancing works by freeing up the funds you have already invested in your existing assets. Use your equipment or vehicles as security and then borrow to release money that you can use on other activities. It’s an easy way of finding a cash injection to help you take on new contracts. Your repayments will be set at a predictable, fixed monthly rate, making it easy for you to handle your budget.

Construction Invoice Financing

Invoice financing gives you access to the cash that’s locked into lengthy contracts. Instead of waiting for completion, you can access a portion of your contracts’ value immediately. Invoice financing helps reduce the pressure of lengthy payment terms and provides you with better financial security and an improved cashflow.

Getting you the best rate for construction finance

Don’t waste valuable time trying to get the best deal yourself. Call us and we’ll help you finance your construction business. We work with a network of dependable lenders to find you the best deal for your business. With a wide range of lenders, we will help you find a tailored finance deal that gives you the best rate on the best terms.

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